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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Q: What does your company do?

A: We are a small highly specialized provider focused on the reliability of IT infrastructure and applications. We are strong in infrastructure design and maintenance  (servers, networks, desktops, datacenters), integration of open source tecnology and specific web applications. For long term customers we work on special projects which may include different areas of expertise such as procurement and specification.

Q: What kind of customers can benefit from your services?

A: Organizations  whose IT systems are a critical part of their business and need an honest, reliable partner small enough to be flexible while having years of experience in the field. Organizations whose activities call for specific focus and low failure rates. Usually, customers have a close relationship with our team and rely on our per customer availability to define their IT strategy and implement their decisions.

Q: Is there 24x7 support available or only business hours support?

A: We have 24x7 SLAs for customers who require so. SLAs are part of our customer contracts.

Q: How long does it take for problems to be analyzed?

A: It depends on specific contract agreements. Our contract response times range from 2 to 72h. We honor any established response times and provide a best-effort approach to often operate below the time limit.

Q: What services are included in a montly fee? Is there a limit on support requests?

A: There is no limit on support requests within the scope covered by existing contracts.

Q: Is there any exception to the contracts?

A: Usually hardware maintenace costs are billed separately. We advise our customers, as best as we can, on which hardware to purchase in order to ensure reliability. It is up to the customer to decide on which hardware to purchase and how much fault tolerance to implement.

Q: Is support delivered on-site, remotely, by phone or by email?

A: Most of the time support is delivered remotely by the means of secure access, ticketing systems, emails and phone. From time to time on-site support is needed on customer premises, most often as planned maintenance. Onsite support is rarely requested on call but if there is an emergency we will be there for you.

Q: How do you charge support? Is it per incident? Per problem? Per month?

A: We work with "flat rate" monthly fees dimensioned to fit the systems supported.

Q: What happens it my Internet access fails? Who is responsible for re-establishing access?

A: We will help you diagnosing the problem and communicating it to the Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP is fully responsible for Internet access failures. If you need extra reliability you may use 2 simultaneous ISPs with automatic switching in failure scenarios.